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Tyres for PEUGEOT iOn

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Peugeot iON tyres – the history of a brand

The Peugeot family entered the manufacturing industry in the 19th century. Before going into the vehicle market, they used to produce crinoline dresses, umbrella frames, saw blades, wire wheels, and bicycles. Armand Peugeot released his Le Grand Bi, penny-farthing in 1882, accompanied by other bicycles. Ever since that moment, they signed collaborations with manufacturers such as Ford and BMW and kept releasing unique engines. It was in 1929 when Peugeot created its first mass-produced vehicle, namely, the 201. That step marked their evolution to becoming a high-scale car manufacturer. Peugeot is referred to, often, as the lion, and the cars, as well as the additional products – including Peugeot iON tyres – are genuinely popular.

Peugeot iON tyres – take pleasure in safe driving

It goes without saying that, while browsing for Peugeot iON tyres, you should choose the product that is the perfect fit for your car’s requirements, concerning size and driving terrain. Additionally, weather should no longer be an impediment for safe driving conditions, not with the innovative tread technology, which facilitates effective water dispersion and excellent handling. Want to take pleasure in safe driving? It’s never been simpler. Visit eiretyres.com, for products that fulfil these variables.

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