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Tyres for PEUGEOT 806

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Peugeot 806 tyres – a history of innovation

Peugeot – the highly acknowledged French manufacturer has earned its spot in the industry. From its founding date in 1810, until the release of the very first motor vehicle in 1889, Peugeot has embraced, first and foremost, innovation and diversity. Evolving from steam to petrol, wheels to tyres, handlebars to the steering wheel, the insightful Armand Peugeot signed industrial partnerships with the dominant manufacturers of the time, in order to keep up with the fast pace of development. This way, never did Peugeot fall behind any of the most significant innovations of the moment. Additionally, the interest for providing customers with products that satisfy their highest standards goes back to the 20th century and is still present today. The creation of high-quality Peugeot 806 tyres proves that.

Peugeot 806 tyres – choosing quality and safety, always

Your Peugeot 806 tyres are some of the most significant parts of your vehicle. The choice of tyres can either ensure your car’s proper handling and safety or not. Additionally, you should choose the tyres whose tread technology is suitable for the weather condition in which you do most of the driving. Visit eiretyres.com, and look through the inventory of high-quality products suited for your car.

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