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Tyres for LEXUS RX

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The history of Lexus RX tyres

Lexus pertains to one of the major Japanese car manufacturers, Toyota, and it is the company’s luxury vehicle division. Lexus is all about grandeur, comfort and premium cars and over the years, it has made a name for itself in the industry. In fact, it is the largest selling premium car Japan has and Lexus is sold all over the world, in more than 70 countries. Lexus, which is located in Nayoga, Japan, is among the ten most valuable global brands to come out of Japan. What helped them score that spot were their quality products, like the Lexus IS 220D, the Lexus RX tyres, the Lexus IS 250, etc.

Lexus RX tyres features

For a luxury car, you’re going to want a pair of tyres that do the job properly, and that is exactly what the Lexus RX tyres can offer you. Luxury is the name of the game here, which means one thing: comfort. The Lexus tyres provide an impeccable driving experience, with the comfort you were expecting, but also with maximum performance. The tyres on the Lexus RX 450h are specially made to withstand a diverse range of weather conditions so that you can enjoy a smooth driving experience with increased grip and stability, thanks to the radial design. You can buy them at eiretyres.com and enjoy competitive prices.

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