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Tyres for HYUNDAI Veloster

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Hyundai and Hyundai Veloster tyres – compressed history

Hyundai is recognised as the first Korean car producer, being established in 1967. One year later, the founder of the company – Chung Ju Yung – signed an agreement with Ford for technology share. Having access to Ford’s resources, the car manufacturer was able to develop the Cortina – which is the very first Hyundai vehicle. Soon afterwards, other models followed, and the development of the enterprise was imminent. In the 90s, having made substantial investments in innovative designs and modern technology, the manufacturer established its reputation among customers. Since 2014, Hyundai has been set as the fifth-biggest car maker, taking into account the total amount of sales. The products developed include Hyundai I40, Hyundai Matrix, and Hyundai Veloster tyres.

Hyundai Veloster tyres – product description

If you are a Veloster driver, and you’ll choose a set of tyres that is designed particularly for your vehicle, you’ll benefit from a doubled performance. Selecting the right size and pressure for your vehicle is equally important as well. The tread technology of Hyundai Veloster tyres maintains your car’s stability on the driving terrain for which they were created. The right set of products will maximise your car’s traction, and driving comfort. Hence, look no further than eiretyres.com, the online store where you can browse through a large selection of qualitative products.

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