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Dacia tyres – an experienced brand

Whenever a Romanian citizen hears the word “Dacia,” they instantly think about their legacy. The name “Dacia” was actually first given to the historic lands on which current Romania lies, and the car was meant to be a tribute to country’s long history. Dacia was one of the first cars to ever be mass-produced in Romania, which is why it can be referred to as their national automobile symbol. Founded in 1966, Dacia was and continues to be a subsidiary of the French company Renault. With their main manufacturing plant in Arges County, Mioveni, Dacia produced over 500,000 units every year since 2015. The Dacia 1300 was their first – and most successful – experiment, one that also needed a good set of Dacia tyres to reach its peak.

Dacia tyres – a history of safety

Considering that Dacia has such a long history, it needs to be treated like a precious antique. Granted, while it may not be as easy to find tyres for the old models, they are still mass-produced in the country. A good set of DACIA tyres will have a tread pattern that will enable safe road traction – but will also be made from special rubber depending on the weather. Winters can be fairly cold, which is why you will need a set of silica rubber tyres that won’t freeze or crack at low temperature. You may look for such Dacia tyres on eiretyres.com, the online shop that provides attractive prices.

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