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Tyres for CITROEN 2CV

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Citroen through time

Over the years, Citroen has become well known for offering high-quality, new tech products which also include tyres. From the moment it was founded in 1919, Citroen had improved the lives of many lucky drivers with spectacular tyres that are great for any kinds of weather conditions. Even though the 2CV is a classy model, if it’s kept properly, it can withstand any kind of terrain, no matter if it’s smooth or rough, straight or curved. Known as the “umbrella on wheels” back in the day, the Citroen 2CV Tyres were also meant to head through any kind of harsh weather.

Citroen 2CV Tyres Features

Once you invest in some 2CV tyres, you will know that your car’s performance will also improve. Just by checking the exact model of your vehicle, you will see which tyre size would fit you best. The standard size for any Citroen 2CV Tyres is of maximum 145 on 4-inch rims, but once installed, you will have a better grip and adherence on the road. No matter the weather conditions, these tyres will make sure you won’t slide, but stay in control. Look on eiretyres.com and see which tyres would fit you best. Once you have your car upgraded by our online shop, you will have a much better driving experience.

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