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Bentley tyres – the quality of time

Bentley is one of those car brands that have been around for a while – and they keep improving. Founded almost a century ago, in 1919, the Bentley is a subsidy of the Volkswagen Group – and a luxury car brand in itself. It’s a vehicle that won countless races over the years, giving even cars such as the Rolls Royce a run for their money. Founded by H. M. Bentley and W. O. Bentley, the company used to sell very big, and it was also one of the market leaders in 2012. Nowadays, there aren’t as many models produced as before, and most of them are made within the walls of the small founding company in Crewe. And for a classic Bentley to work at its finest, you will also need to equip yourself with the right Bentley tyres – to ensure maximum safety on the road.

Bentley tyres – the fast ride

Since the Bentley was designed as a supercar, it goes without saying that it was supposed to be fast – which is why you need to make sure that the tyres can handle those fast speeds. A genuine set of Bentley tyres will have an intricate tread pattern to provide traction, but also deep lateral grooves to prevent aquaplaning. The rubber will also be flexible to offer cushion from road shock – but also hard enough to withstand high friction levels. You can find tyres for your Bentley at eiretyres.com, the online retailer that will offer high quality at low prices.

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