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Alpina tyres – the perfect luxury

When you want to feel like you are driving a BMW – but don’t necessarily want to buy a BMW, then you will most likely go with the Alpina. A brand that works closely with BMW, the Alpina integrated the other’s structure to theirs – thus becoming one of the most renowned sports luxury cars. Initially, the company produced typewriters, and played with the idea of establishing a textile factory. In the end, however, the owner of Alpina – Burkard Bovensiepen – decided to establish a tuning business for BMW in the old Alpina factory. Still, Burkard could not help taking some BMV ideas and mixing them with Alpina. Eventually, Alpina came back to life as a car brand, and it was the highlight of every competition. This is exactly why they needed to improve the Alpina tyres as much as possible, so as to cut the dangers.

Alpina tyres – your friend on every road

Even though Alpina no longer participates in racing, it still has that sports car motor to it – a motor that makes us want to increase the speed. As a result, this type of car will need tyres that will give you traction and grip on the road. The grooves will prevent aquaplaning so that you can drive at high speed on wet roads, and the chosen rubber will determine the season that you can use them in (for winter, you may want to look for silica Alpina tyres). Browse through the eiretyes.com catalogue and choose the size that you’d like – because the prices will certainly be attractive.

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