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Alfa Romeo tyres – the fast and luxurious mix

No matter how you look at it, the Alfa Romeo is not your average car; if anything, it’s a luxury car that should make you feel as if you own the roads. With its roots in the Italy of 1906, the Alfa Romeo came to life when Cavalier Ugo Stella gained ownership of the car factory that resided on the outskirts of Milan. In only a year, the company was already making cars that were fast enough to turn heads at racing events. Thanks to this, the company always had to make sure that the Alfa Romeo tyres would handle the high speed without losing its grip on the road.

Alfa Romeo tyres – maximum safety

Dealing with a sports car is by no means safe – unless you are using the right tyres. Since an Alfa Romeo can reach very high speeds, you will need a set of tyres with a tread pattern that is intricate enough to offer you traction on the road. The lateral grooves of such a tyre will also need to prevent aquaplaning – so that you won’t start slipping and sliding on the road. Carefully consider the season for the tyres; if they are for a summer drive, then you need a rubber that is strong enough to not lose its shape. Similarly, if you are going for a winter drive, then you need strong silica-infused tyres, which will retain their flexibility. You can look for these Alfa Romeo tyres on eiretyres.com, the tyre retailer that will bring you all the low prices.

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