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Star Performer UHP 1

Star Performer UHP 1 – a summer tyre that addresses your driving needs

The Star Performer UHP 1 is a reliable tyre, which is specifically designated for typical summer driving conditions. Generally speaking, the design and the tread pattern of summer tyres are wider, meaning that a larger tyre surface enters direct contact with the road. This way, your car’s responsiveness and grip at high speeds is significantly enhanced, as well as its cornering capability. What is more, this tyre generates minimum noise, which is a factor that directly impacts the comfort level of the ride.

Star Performer UHP 1 – no need to make any compromises

Tread depth is of crucial importance, especially when it comes to having excellent grip on wet roads. Typically, the tread pattern contributes to dispersing the water between the tyre and the surface of the road. To that end, if the tyre depth is insufficient, that will lead to a boosted risk of aquaplaning, diminished grip and causing longer stopping distances, which jeopardise your safety. The good news is that Star Performer has come up with a solution to this problem. For instance, if you choose the Star Performer UHP 1 for your car, when they wear out, you can get new tyres at more convenient rates. The discount program is unique and genuinely convenient, meaning that you can save money, without making any compromises in terms of safety and quality. Purchase your tyres today from eiretyres.com to get discounts ranging from 40 to 80 percent, depending on the remaining tyre tread depth at the time of the assessment.

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