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Star Performer SPTS AS

Star Performer SPTS AS – outlining its primary characteristics

The cold season features challenging driving conditions, so you must equip your vehicle adequately. If you’re on a budget, yet you don’t want to make compromises when it comes to the quality of the tyres you choose, the Star Performer SPTS AS might be a product worth considering. This brand is widely acknowledged for producing economy-class tyres with optimal performance, utilising modern technology and innovative materials. To that end, Star Performer tyres are steadily growing in popularity. This particular winter tyre performs excellently in everyday urban driving and longer journeys, as well. Due to the directional tread pattern, the drive ranks high in terms of safety and comfort. At the same time, due to the V-shaped grooves, the water accumulated is evenly drained, which increases the enjoyment of the drive.

Star Performer SPTS AS – the significance of tread depth in tyre performance

Each driver should know the importance of tread depth, and how it impacts your safety and the car’s performance. In plain English, when the tread depth reaches a minimum due to regular wear, you’ll imminently face the risk of aquaplaning, reduced grip and longer stopping distances. That’s why you should never drive with the minimum tread depth. Instead, you must have your tyres replaced on the spot. Star Performer has a unique warranty policy, granting drivers discounts of up to 80% if they replace their current Star Performer tyres with a new Star Performer SPTS AS tyre. Make sure you get this offer – find out more on eiretyres.com!

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