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Star Performer HP 1

Star Performer HP1 – quality combined with reliability

If you’re on the lookout for high-quality tyres that are also on the affordable side, the Star Performer HP1 is calling your name. This is a summer tyre that facilitates ultimate safety on wet roads, while maximizing your comfort, as well. The low fuel consumption comes as an unmatched advantage as well, helping you to keep the running costs low. That is not all - the HP1 is a high-quality tyre that offers grip and traction on wet roads, optimal cornering stability, and maneuverability. And while the manufacturer cannot guarantee that you won’t hit a pothole on the road, it offers an enticing product warranty, which makes the Star Performer HP1 an excellent investment.

Star Performer HP1 – unbeatable warranty and advantages

Aside from the fact that the Star Performer Hp1 is known for its reliability, the warranty supplied by the manufacturer comes as a confirmation to that. To that end, if something causes irreparable damage to your tyres, you can receive notable discounts on your new purchase. To that end, depending on the remaining tread depth at the time of the assessment, you can enjoy numerous price reductions. To be more precise, if the tread depth ranges from 1.6 to 2.99 mm, you enjoy a 40 percent discount. In the case of 3.0 to 4.99 mm tread depth, the discount you benefit from is 60 percent. All you have to do is contact eiretyres.com, and our experts will analyse the damage of your tyre.