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Pirelli Cinturato Winter

Pirelli Cinturato winter magnificence

A true veteran in the production of tyres, Pirelli has kept onto the Italian pride year after year and has continued to provide the world with high-quality tyres. Through their commitment, they continuously researched for innovative ways to increase the comfort of your ride, as well as the performance it demonstrates on the streets. They have created tyres that would work in any weather condition, from dry roads to really slippery highways. The Pirelli Cinturato winter tyres can be fit on your vehicle as well, provided it’s the right size and type.

Pirelli Cinturato winter – non-slippery miracle

It is a known fact that winters are the most dangerous when it comes to driving on roads. No matter if the road is covered with snow, ice, or just melted remnants of snow, there’s always the chance that your car might lose its grip due to the slippery ground, leading to an accident. In order to avoid that from happening, you’ll need to equip your vehicle with the appropriate tyres that will keep you going and on track. The Cinturato winter tyres were created exactly for this extra traction, enabling a controlled braking and reduced fuel consumption due to its “green performance.” The Pirelli Cinturato Winter tyres were meant to be used smart, smooth and easy on any snow-covered passage. Browse the eiretyres.com online shop for an appropriate set of winter tyres and get ready to keep your grip on the road like a pro!

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