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Nankang Noble Sport NS-20

Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 – speed and comfort driving for urban cars

Summer tyres Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport was originally developed for executive-class sedans, but over time they have gained great popularity among drivers who appreciate the speed and comfort during the trip. This model was developed in cooperation with specialists of the Japanese concern Yokohama.

Advantages of using the Noble Sport Nankang NS-20 tyres

The symmetrical non-directional tread pattern was built on a linear principle with the help of a five-step computer simulation, which consistently achieved high traction rates, increased speed characteristics of the car, improved its course stability and maneuverability, as well as the rolling resistance coefficient and the overall safety level.The tread is equipped with the proprietary technology of the Chinese concern's "Seasonal indicator", which promptly signals to the driver that the Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 tyres need to be changed due to the season change or the worn out tread pattern.The central stiffener has an absolutely smooth surface, like the racing slick, due to which the overclocking characteristics of the car are increased.The stiffening ribs have on their surface oblique incisions, which form sharp edges on the surface of the stiffeners, which perform the functions of additional soil grousers and increase the quality of the tread engagement with the road under severe braking.The drainage system of the Nankang Noble Sport NS-20 tyres forms four deep longitudinal channels through which large amounts of water are removed from the contact spot, preventing the aquaplaning of the car on the wet road.

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