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Michelin Primacy 3

High performance MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyres

MICHELIN Primacy 3 tyres are one of the top line tyres of MICHELIN brand. Built for high end performance and ultra-performance passenger cars, MICHELIN Primacy 3 is a mixture of longevity and safety. The tyres have passed all kind of tests and have been number one in most of the categories. The tyres offer great dry and wet braking. MICHELIN Primacy 3 has been endorsed by major car manufactures and been chosen as OEMs for over 120 times.

Features and specifications of MICHELIN Primacy 3

MICHELIN Primacy 3 is a great value for money. The tyres come with a special tread compound which keeps the tyre intact with the road. A stronger grip is offered by wider contact area of the tyre with the road. Not only this, the tyres come with the new auto-blocking sipes which holds the tyre firmly on the road.Optimized grip on dry and wet road surfaces made possible by the new patented compound. This shortens the braking distance of the vehicle. Large shoulder blocks on these tyres oppose hydroplaning. The tyres also offer rim protection so you may drive assured that your rims are protected against curbs. While buying a new set of tyre for your high end performance car, you look for a tyre that delivers comfort and premium performance. Look no further because MICHELIN Primacy 3 is the answer! At eiretyres.com, MICHELIN Primacy 3 is available for all tyres size. Purchase today and save big!

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