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Landsail LS388

Landsail LS388 – Perfect Combination of Qualities

Landsail LS388 all season tyres are a perfect choice for any type of a passenger car. They will help you save fuel and money. Besides, a special tread pattern will keep your vehicle stable during any weather conditions, on any type of the road. But it’s not the end, because Landsail LS388 can offer you even more benefits.

Landsail LS388 – everything you dream of

The Directional tread pattern of Landsail LS388 will increase the rolling resistance. It will help your car consume less fuel. And it’s the way, how you will reduce exhaust emissions and help potect our environment. Besides, unique solid rib in the center of each tyre ensures a straight-line driving stability and perfect traction.

Also, Landsail LS388 tyres posess an ideal hydroplaning protection and quiet-ride pitch alignment that will help your car avoid different noises. In addition, on the Web, you can find hundreds of positive comments from different drivers. This is another exponent that will make you confident if you still have any doubts.

So, if you are a wise customer and want to save your money, but don’t want to buy low quality product, Landsail LS388 is everything you need.

Forget about uncomfortable driving and order this model at eiretyres.com right now.