Kormoran GAMMA B2

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Kormoran GAMMA B2 – A Brilliant Combination of Comfort and Quality

Kormoran GAMMA B2 was created to reach perfect driving characteristics. This model can be easily equipped almost at every light vehicle and allows your car to gather high speed in few seconds. This is obvious choice for every driver, who is looking for high quality, but cheap tyres.

Choose Kormoran GAMMA B2 and you Won’t Regret!

A special tread pattern of Kormoran GAMMA B2 will low noise that appear while your car is moving. Besides, it delivers a high level of safe and comfort during driving. And unique additional protection system will prevent your car from damages. Modern silicon compounds mixed with silica improve elasticity of tyres Kormoran GAMMA B2 and help adapt to different types of road. Among all benefits, the main ones are: reliable traction independent of weather conditions or type of road, long term of exploitation, high level of hydroplaning protection, decrease of fuel consumption and, as a result, lower level of vehicle exhaust gases and ideal balance of price and quality.Besides, according to positive comments of drivers from different countries Kormoran GAMMA B2 tyres are well-balanced and is suitable for every vehicle. All these benefits and qualities make Kormoran GAMMA B2 reliable product available for everyone. At eiretyres.com, you have an opportunity to purchase this model or choose another one. Here, you'll find a rich assortment of high quality tyres only.

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