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Hankook Optimo K415

Hankook Optimo K415 – forget about discomfort during driving

Products of Hankook Tire Group are well-known in the whole world. So, if you are looking for new tyres, then, no doubts, this company will satisfy all your needs! Here one of their well-known products, Hankook Optimo K415, should be mentioned. A perfect balance of characteristics, high quality, and thousands of positive comments from customers make these tyres a superb choice for every driver.

Feel the road better with Hankook Optimo K415

Asymmetrical design of Hankook Optimo K415 ensures a reliable traction with road under bad weather conditions and minimizes possibility to lose control of your vehicle. The indissoluble and non-flexible central part of each tyre will provide your car with a perfect straight line stability. Round shoulder blocks help optimize responsiveness during cornering performances and maneuvers. Also, this unique feature increases the period of exploitation.So, the main differences and peculiarities of Hankook Optimo K415 are: high quality of traction, improved straight line stability, great hydroplaning resistance, optimized responsiveness.

Besides, Hankook Optimo K415 tyres have a high concentration of silica in their structure, that's why their resistance coefficient is low and it causes decrease of fuel consumption.As you can see, Hankook Optimo K415 is a perfect choice for city or even off road drivers. If you want to feel yourself calm and comfortably during driving your car, you should purchase these tyres! Do it right now at online shop eiretyres.com, where you'll find a rich assortment of high quality products.

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