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General GRABBER AT2 – high-quality tyres for off-road driving

General GRABBER AT2 are high-quality tyres from a well-known German manufacturer, whose factories are owned by Continental AG. The manufacturer's products are characterized by high quality characteristics, and these tyres are not an exception. The product features a sturdy frame of strong steel belts and a nylon cord. Regarding seasonality, they are classic all-weather for off-road vehicles.

In order to have an increased cross-country performance on road sections of different quality, the tyre protector was designed in a symmetrical form from a number of large rigid blocks. Thanks to these massive blocks, there is an instant grip on the wet and dry roads. Broad channels and lamellas between macroblocks contribute to the effective removal of water, snow, mud, or gravel from the wheels. It is worth noting also a powerful shoulder area, which, together with the reinforced sidewall, perfectly performs the function of protecting the wheel from damage and ensures stability during cornering and other maneuvers.

Advantages of all-season tyres for SUVs General GRABBER AT2

Enjoy stability during cornering and excellent behavior of tyres on different road sections due to improved traction characteristics, quality rubber compound and sturdy construction of steel, polyester and reinforced nylon.These tyres are ideal for off-road, which allows them to fit everywhere. Despite the fact that they are a model for SUVs, rubber has a high level of acoustic comfort. Special rubber makes the product resistant to damage and provides excellent adaptation to the road surface.

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