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Cooper Discoverer ATR

Cooper Discoverer ATR – excellent traction and handling

Irrespective of the driving terrain, the Cooper Discoverer ATR tyres are engineered to get you places. These tyres are specifically designed in order to meet the conditions of tough and challenging weather, so that you reach your destination quickly and safely, every single time. Featuring a state-of-the-art all-terrain tread compound, these tyres are characterised by the latest Cooper tyre technology, which makes them a decent option for drivers who don’t want to sacrifice on the enjoyment of the drive. Thanks to the 5-rib tread pattern, the handling and traction of the tyre is significantly enhanced. What is more, the grooves have the purpose of maximising the handling on wet roads, while minimising the risks of hydroplaning.

Cooper Discoverer ATR – equip your car for the road

One of the most notable benefits associated with the Cooper Discoverer ATR tyres is that you can truly depend on your car, regardless of the driving terrain. The handling and traction provided by the tyre are, indeed, noticeably enhanced. At the same time, these tyres work excellently on dry, snow covered and wet roads, as well. In the meantime, the steering response is another advantage that most drivers will highly appreciate. Not to mention that this tyre is advertised as having outstanding tread-wear, having a 50,000 mile warranty. On a final note, if you reckon that these are the tyres you want to equip your vehicle with, go to eiretyres.com, where you can get yours at a favourable rate!