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Avon ZV5 – a renowned tyre producer

Avon is an UK-based tyre brand that has over one century of experience in the area of tyre manufacturing. Their range of products includes tyres for cars, bikes, vans, and trailers, not to mention that tyre’s name is associated with the world of motorsports since it is officially responsible with supplying tyres for the Formula 3000 championship. What is more, Avon is the official tyre supplier for some of the most renowned and prestigious automotive companies such as Bentley, Aston-Martin, and Land Rover. The key behind Avon’s success it the balance between their long experience and the development of state-of-the-art tyre technology. Thus, it aims at meeting the ever-changing needs of the customer. The Avon ZV5 tyre proves the manufacturer’s devotion to creating a product that excels at addressing the expectations of the customer.

Avon ZV5 – made to keep you moving

The Avon ZV5 makes no compromises when it comes to handling, grip, and cornering. And it offers good performance in both wet and dry driving conditions, which means rain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a pleasurable drive! The manufacturer engineered the ZV5 in an attempt to deliver a high-quality product that would release minimum noise levels; and the attempt was successful since the Avon ZV5 offers a smooth, quiet ride. Plus, the tyre features a rim protector that safeguards your wheels from kerb damage. Another good thing is that you may find the tyre in a good range of sizes on eiretyres.com!

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