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Avon ZT5

Avon ZT5 – ideal for heavy vehicles

To start with, the Avon ZT5 tyres are created to meet the individual needs of heavy cars. On that note, these tyres offer leading performance when it comes to significant tyre characteristics such as steering responsiveness, handling, noise level, traction and safety. If your typical day to day car use implies carrying considerably heavy loads, which are higher than the ones recommended by the car manufacturer, switching to XL tyres could maximise your safety. The primary advantage to equipping your car with the ZT5 is that they facilitate increased load bearing capacity at the same standard size, thanks to the reinforced sidewall construction. In other words, you benefit from additional load capacity on your tyres without the need to upgrade your wheels. What is more, it’s no secret that the tread pattern dictates the overall performance of the tyre. Since the tread pattern of the ZT 5 incorporates three wide grooves and features an open inner shoulder design, the tyre’s wet performance is optimal.

Avon ZT5 – the features you’re looking for

The XL construction of the Avon ZT5 tyre provides great handling characteristics and steering responsiveness. In other words, you’ll enjoy unparalleled stability, even at high speed, which is remarkable. At the same time, the tread pattern is optimised through Avon’s Optinoise software, which seeks to significantly reduce the levels of external noise. That means you enjoy a safe, smooth, and noiseless ride. Review the selection of products from eiretyres.com and purchase your preferred accessory today!