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Avon WV7 Snow

Avon WV7 Snow – made to protect

Belonging to the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Avon has been providing high-quality tyres for bikes, vans and personal vehicles ever since 1904. Whenever Avon made a new set of tyres, they would make sure that they will glide smoothly on the road providing speed and strong grip regardless of the season. They were especially careful when it came to winter tyres – because that is when the roads are most dangerous. While it may seem clear of snow, you can be sure that the low temperatures will make it slippery, wet and, overall, an icy disaster. This is why Avon WV7 Snow tyres were designed to protect you, regardless of the vehicle you are driving.

Avon WV7 Snow – conquering the snowy roads

Winter roads are the trickiest when it comes to road comfort. Since every vehicle is heavy in its own way, it needs tyres that can properly grip otherwise slippery roads. Special patterns need to be used to provide traction, and it requires certain materials that can handle low temperatures. Released at the same time with the WT7 tyres, the Avon WV7 Snow tyres were made to meet severe snow while still maintaining a T-speed rating. Their high silica content provides appropriate traction and flexibility so that your drive will be smooth and problem-free. Purchase these kinds of tyres on eiretyres.com according to the size of your vehicle and experience safety on the road at any time.


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