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Avon WT7 Snow

Avon WT7 Snow – one century of quality!

Ever since 1904, Avon has been producing high-quality tyres for people all around the world, regardless if their vehicle of choice is a personal car, a motorbike, a van or a trailer. People in the racing industry have also been using this brand during their races, simply because their general construction is strong enough to keep them on the track, regardless of the weather. Therefore, if you’re looking for tyres that can fend off the harsh winter conditions with confidence, then Avon WT7 Snow tyres are a good choice for you. As Avon puts it, their tires have been designed to turn driving into a pleasure rather than a chore, providing an unparalleled quality and ability to conquer the roads.

Avon WT7 Snow – Designed to cope

If you think that you don’t need winter tyres simply because it is not snowing, then you may want to rethink that. Winter tyres won’t be a waste of time and money because they are designed to cope with low temperature. There may be no snow, but there will definitely be muddy roads covered with slush or ice and just-above-freezing temperatures that will still put a great strain on your tyres. The Avon WT7 Snow tyres were made with exactly that in mind, to offer the best speed rating, traction and resistance that a proper winter tyre set should have. You can look for a set of these tyres on eiretyres.com and see for yourself how it feels to collaborate with Europe's largest online tyre retailer.

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