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Avon Ice Touring ST

Avon Ice Touring ST – notable aquaplaning resistance

The Avon Ice Touring ST is widely known due to its impressive range of characteristics. For starters, it features an excellent rating, when it comes to wet grip, according to the EU tyre label. At the same time, its performance in both ice and snow is significant. And, most importantly, this tyre offers unmatched value for the money, just as you’d expect from a legendary UK tyre manufacturer such as Avon. The wet grip performance is so good thanks to the compound. As a general rule, winter tyres feature a soft, malleable compound that imitates the flex that a summer tyre has in typical warm temperatures. On that note, the wet performance is a noteworthy bonus, placing this tyre well above its competitors in the same price range.

Avon Ice Touring ST – the verdict

All things considered, the Avon Ice Touring ST is a first-class winter tyre. While there may be tyres that offer better performance and increased tyre wear, they are much more expensive, which is what makes this Avon tyre a good alternative. Considering that it has received the Severe Snow Conditions symbol, you can rest assured that this tyre won’t let you down. It will withstand challenging terrains and handle winter temperatures, so that you can safely reach your destination every single time. If you want to test your car during this winter season, look no further than eiretyres.com for high-quality, reliable products at great prices!

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