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Autoguard SA602

Autoguard SA602 tyres – performance and value for the money

Autoguard has been producing top-of-the-line tyres since 1970. The company engineers tyres that can handle harsh climates and road surfaces. Although the manufacturing process takes place in China, the designs and engineering is overlooked in Germany. To that end, Autoguard’s line of products aims at meeting the European tyre requirements, being certified to both Asian and European quality labels. In an attempt to keep up with the ever-growing standards of the tyre world, Autoguard is continually modernising its production plans. This way, it ensures that each tyre that goes out of the production line, including the Autoguard SA602 has optimal grip and excellent shock resistance.

Autoguard SA602 tyres - renowned for their durability

Among many other things, Autoguard tyres are acknowledged for their durability and reliability, and the Autoguard SA602 makes no exception to the rule. These summer tyres offer optimal grip in both dry and wet driving conditions. The tread has been designed in order to diminish the road noise, as much as possible. Another notable advantage is the high level of water dispersion, which maximises your car’s stability on wet surfaces. Evidently, this will aid you to drive much more confidently and comfortably, even when the weather isn’t in your favour. In terms of budget tyres, it is difficult to find a better priced item than the Autoguard SA602 that offers the same performance level. If you’ve made your decision, you can order yours today from eiretyres.com!

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