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Achilles Winter 101

Achilles winter 101 – legacy for excellent performance

Achilles tyres are manufactured in Indonesia, as the brand has established a legacy for producing high-quality tyres since 1991. For the most part, Achilles supplies low-cost tyres, which are dependable, while offering optimal mileage and traction. What is more, Achilles’ priority is to offer drivers a good selection of products to choose from. On that note, the Achilles winter 101 is a fine choice for the winter season, when driving is highly challenging due to the snowy and icy roads. This tyre offers optimal traction and grip on wet and dry roads alike, which is primordial in the case of winter tyres. At the same time, the four open circumferential grooves enable slush and water to be evacuated from under the tyre. Simultaneously, the sipes on the tread enable efficient braking and acceleration on the roads covered in ice and snow. Even when the temperatures are genuinely low, the tread pattern remains pliable, whereas the silica in the tread composition enhances the adhesion on wet roads.

Achilles winter 101 – optimise your car for the road

There’s no such thing as impossible driving conditions. One is inclined to believe that the winter time makes driving impossible; however, it’s the lack of reliable tyres that is the source of all challenges. To that end, equipping your car with the Achilles winter 101 will definitely prepare you for the winter. The tread design, combined with the state-of-the-art engineering and affordability of the tyre make it an optimal choice. Order yours from eiretyres.com and you won’t regret it!