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Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP – Excellent Choice for Your Vehicle

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP tyres are produced by Finnish company Nokian, which has a lot of experience in this industry. This model is well-known among drivers from Europe, Asia, and America. They often choose it. Besides, the tyres fall into the category of Ultra High Performance tyres. Choosing them you are about to enjoy an ideal level of comfort, protection, and long lifetime.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP – Innovation in Tyres Production

The main goal of Nokian company is a constant modernization of its products. That’s why Achilles Desert Hawk UHP are produced using advanced equipment and technologies. This model has a unique tread pattern, two main benefits of which are: directional design, special and effective water channeling that increases traction and protection of a car during bad weather conditions.Besides, Achilles Desert Hawk UHP is a good way to save on fuel. A special rubber mix, based on Eco Safe technology, has double extra strong composition. This technology makes this model perfect for racings and allows to reach the speed of 240km/h. With these tyres you can feel yourself always in safe.

All these characteristics, rich experience of workers, who worked on creation and production of this model, as well as modern technologies make Achilles Desert Hawk UHP almost flawless, noiseless, and reliable product.

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