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Achilles 2233

Achilles 2233 – comfortable driving and attractive prices

The Achilles 2233 tyres were designed for those who appreciate fast sports driving. Engineers of the Indonesian company have created a special protector with an asymmetric pattern. This allowed to guarantee the optimal control of the car during acceleration, braking or during the passage of turns. The optimized design of the Achilles tyre provides safe and comfortable movement on summer roads. A wide central rib creates a stable contact with the wet road, both when moving in a straight line, and when performing maneuvers.

Characteristics of Achilles 2233 tyres

Thanks to the optimized structure and asymmetric design, the tyres are more stable and responsive to steering. A massive central rib ensures maximally stable movement. The expanded ribs of the shoulder zone have numerous grooves, so the water masses are removed almost instantaneously and the main contact zone works effectively in all weather conditions.

Continuous drainage grooves between the ribs perfectly dissipate water and heat, which guarantees safety and protection against aquaplaning. Due to the radial structure, the tyres withstand road loads and produce little noise.

The engineers of the company worked on the creation of a highly effective rubber compound, which would be distinguished by good operational capabilities. The developers had a goal to increase durability and grip on the wet road. Repeated test drives confirm that the tyres Achilles 2233 withstand various loads: weight, speed, temperature and retain the original working properties. Each model was tested on a computer electronic system, which allows us to speak about the high quality of the tyres.

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