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Achilles 122

Achilles 122 – convenient driving for urban cars

Achilles 122 tyres are designed for summer use on urban cars. Therefore, their technical and operational characteristics are fully customized to the conditions of driving in the city. Achilles rubber is characterized by high maneuverability, increased traction, as well as a reduced braking distance and a confident start. However, even on the country road, this model can demonstrate high speed and excellent stability during acceleration for overtaking in different weather conditions.

Advantages of rubber Achilles 122

Improved maneuverability The arrangement of shoulder areas with elongated U-shaped blocks and their smoothed transition into the sidewall of the tread improves the shunting properties of the car and shortens the response time to the movement of the steering wheel. As a result, your car will better respond to your movements and more accurately execute your commands.
Improved traction and gripTwo rows of oblique rectangular blocks form wide stiffeners. Firstly, they ensure the course stability of the car. Secondly, they increase its traction and grip. Thanks to these stiffeners, the car accelerates and brakes much better
High credibilityThe axial stiffener of the Achilles 122 tyres enhances the acceleration dynamics of the car and its handling at high speed
Traffic safety in difficult weather conditionsThe developed aquiline system of the Achilles 122 maximally quickly evacuates all excess water. Its reliable operation ensures high safety of driving during the rainy weather.
Long service lifeThe use of natural rubber in the tread formula increases its service life.