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Matador DM1 Power 12.00 R20 154/149K


Matador DM1 Power
12.00 R20 154/149K

Tyre size
12.00 R20 154/149K  Change 
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Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
K: Approved up to 110 mph
Item No.
EU Tyre Label

at the moment, this product is not in stock
€ 548.40

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Construction of the DM1 POWER M+S tyre and the structure of its material

• The tyre is made from an ALL STEEL construction with a no-tube rendering that consists of one load-bearing insertion built from steelcord and four contact breaker insertions from the same type of material.

• The tyre base has a new profile: the applied hexagonal cord, double core, with a steelcord protection and base fillings from special mixtures.

• The tyre body is constructed from a profiled inner rubber, with a new system of rubber covering of the steelcord body, and contact breakers with the application of a new shoulder part filling.

• The tread of the tyre is composed of two layers the external one which is made from a mixture that has a long durability with a high number of made kilometers and an inner layer which leads away the heat produced during the rotation of a loaded tyre.

• Technical specification of the product and the tread pattern characteristics
A new type of tread pattern with engagement/traction characteristics designed for freight vehicles operating mainly in so-called mixed traffic, typical for road surfaces of lower quality, field roads and less demanding terrains with unpaved surface apart from normal communications.

• The period of operational application is throughout the whole year, including the winter season.

• The application of tyres with the DM 1 tread pattern is recommended for the back traction axle of vehicles. This tread pattern is not recommended for application on front driving axles.

• The configuration of the tread pattern is build in such a manner as to resist mechanical damage in an increased way, and thus allows the usage of these tyres on semiaggressive terrain.

• A typical example of such application is various construction sites and areas with a high portion of non-maintained roads. This tread pattern has a very good durability, which can be further increased by additional cutting of grooves.

• The DM 1 tread pattern represents a new element in our offer; it does not replace any older type of tread pattern.
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