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Goodride tyres offer excellent value for money, high quality and reliability. That's why eiretyres.com exclusively offers you a lifetime warranty on all Goodride passenger car tyres.

1. Lifetime warranty on Goodride passenger car tyres

Eiretyres.com offers you a lifetime warranty on all Goodride car tyres purchased from eiretyres.com, over and above the statutory warranty.

If a manufacturing or material defect, or even everyday normal use, causes irreparable damage, Goodride replacement tyres will be provided by eiretyres.com.

In case of damage to tyres with significantly reduced tread, benefit from great discounts on the purchase of a new Goodride tyre.

2. Your advantages

Your claim for compensation is based on the tread depth still present at the time of the inspection:

 6,0 mm or more

 Get a new Goodride tyre for free!

 5,0 - 5,99 mm

 Get 80% off when you buy a new Goodride tyre!

 3,0 - 4,99 mm

 Get 60% off when you buy a new Goodride tyre!

 1,6 - 2,99 mm

 Get 40% off when you buy a new Goodride tyre!

The discount is applied to eiretyres.com tyre prices on the day of the warranty claim. Please note: No refunds will be given!

3. Fast, uncomplicated help in the event of damage

In the event of damage, please contact the tyre team at the following e-mail: info@delti.com.

Our experts will assess your damaged tyre.

Afterwards, eiretyres.com will inform you about your warranty claims.

4. Exclusion

Please note that the lifetime warranty does not include tyre damage caused by accident, vandalism, fire, force majeure and improper use contrary to the intended purpose.

The lifetime warranty also does not cover damage caused by fitting errors. If fitted by a eiretyres.com fitting partner, the regular eiretyres.com warranty claims will apply in this case.