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What helps the AllSeasonContact™ unfold its full performance?

What helps the AllSeasonContact™ unfold its full performance?

The AllSeasonContact™ is not only powerful and reliable. It also does something good for the environment. How? The engineers behind ContiRe.Tex have found a way to turn recycled plastic bottles into tires. The fibers are extracted from the plastic and then processed into high-quality yarn for tire carcasses. In this way, we contribute to your comfort and a cleaner future. All at the same time.

The AllSeasonContact™ with ContiRe.Tex technology is currently available in five sizes.


Be in control of every season.

The AllSeasonContact™ is your perfect companion through every season. Developed in Germany, the tire gives you driving confidence in every situation thanks to its strong grip and braking performance. In addition, the tire combines its all-season qualities with outstanding efficiency and excellent mileage. The AllSeasonContact™ leaves nothing to be desired and offers reliable performance – 365 days a year.

German engineered safety all year round.


Look forward to whatever lies ahead.

Wet streets, muddy roads and endless puddles: the AllSeasonContact™ is ready for them all. With its combination of open shoulders for superb aquaplaning performance and stiff pattern you’ll stay in control all year round.


When the weather is uncertain, you need something you can rely on.

When winter feels like autumn, and summer seems like spring, it’s all the same to the AllSeasonContact™. With its Traction Silica Compound you can rely on year round grip and braking performance.


More of what matters, less of what doesn’t.

Save on fuel, reduce your CO2 emissions and simply count on outstanding driving efficiency.