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Zeta Tyres


Zeta tyres offer decent quality at an affordable price. The products of the Chinese company are characterised by excellent technical and operational characteristics, because they are manufactured in factories equipped with the most modern equipment and control devices. Each copy is tested and checked for defects and other inaccuracies.

Selection of Chinese Tyres Zeta

The Zeta tyre concern is owned by the world-famous Chinese manufacturer SD International. The subsidiary dates back to 2002, when Mike Zhang and Peter Nicholls organised the manufacture of budget class car tyres in Shanghai. Gradually the factories in China and Thailand were re-equipped and today they are high-tech facilities with automated production lines. Knowing all the difficulties of the industry from the inside (both worked in this field for more than 20 years), the tyre developers tried to avoid the pitfalls. They set the task to penetrate and conquer foreign markets in the shortest possible time, and many years later they achieved the goal.

Global Reach and Product Range

The company's range includes winter, summer, and all-season Zeta tyres for cars, crossovers and SUVs, light trucks, and cargo vehicles. Rubber is developed and produced in accordance with international standards, so it fully meets the requirements. This is evidenced by international certificates.

Gradually expanding its horizons, Zeta first moved to America, then to the United Arab Emirates, then to Great Britain and France. The Netherlands and Belgium were also conquered by the concern from the Celestial Empire. Soon Zeta rubber appeared on the markets of Slovakia and India. In more than 100 countries, it is possible to choose and buy tyres of this trademark. Three subsidiaries successfully operate in different parts of the world. The extensive dealer network is growing every year like a spider's web, braiding more and more territory. Zeta is considered the flagship brand, in addition to Pace, Toledo, Agrostar, and Duration.

Choose quality and high performance:

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