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Frequently Asked Questions

What do institutions and associations in the industry say about the EU Tyre Label?

In general, tyre manufacturers have welcomed the introduction of the EU Tyre Label. It assists in improving the information conveyed to consumers, along with driving security but also helps to reduce energy consumption which in turn helps to protect the environment. The classification allows the consumer to gain a broader preliminary basis of information prior to purchasing a tyre and, along with other tyre tests and reviews, can become a significant deciding factor in a consumer’s tyre selection decision. Manufacturers advise that the EU Tyre Label should not be taken as a substitute for further, in-depth information that can be gained from academic sources such as tyre tests and journals. The tyre label can sometimes provide only a restricted overview of a tyre’s performance, particularly in regards to winter tyres as no form of performance in winter conditions is displayed on the label. Click here to find tyre tests by consumers for consumers: www.tyretest.com