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Frequently Asked Questions

What alternative sources of assessment information can I find along with the EU Tyre Label?

The newly developed label informs consumers about three important criteria of a tyre: rolling resistance, wet grip and noise emissions. There are, however, other important properties that are relevant to safety and should be taken into account in the choice of new tyres. These include aquaplaning properties, road holding, life expectancy and durability, steering precision, mileage, braking properties on both dry and wet roads and performance during winter conditions.

Manufacturers advise that the EU Tyre Label should not be taken as a substitute for further, in-depth information that can be gained from academic sources such as tyre tests and journals. The tyre label can sometimes provide only a restricted overview of a tyre’s performance, particularly in regards to winter tyres as no form of performance in winter conditions is displayed on the label. Tyres tests conducted by automotive journals nevertheless remain one of the most important and significant source of information about the performance of a tyre for end users as these often test up to 11 further safety-related tyre properties, compared to the three displayed on the tyre label. At www.tyretest.com you will find a large international and independent consumer platform for the evaluation of tyres where regular drivers have tested their tyres in normal driving conditions and posted their reviews.