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Tyrex Tyres


Tyrex tyres – solid tyres from a Russian company

Tyrex is a truck tyre brand manufactured by Cordiant, a Russian company with a rich history dating back to 1932. It became the largest tyre plant in Europe right from the get-go, hinting at the prosperous future that the company would get to have. As the first manufacturer in the USSR, Cordiant takes pride in the experience gained from various areas: small cars, buses and even military vehicles benefited from the company’s tyres, serving to build a respectable name and history that continue to this day. Nowadays, the company remains one of the most important tyre manufacturers in Eastern Europe, with a leading position when it comes to the Russian market. The rich experience that the company has is a strong testament to the quality of their Tyrex tyres.

Tyrex tyres – a trustworthy companion for your truck

Cordiant comes with an excellent selection of truck tyres, ensuring that all the demanding aspects of large vehicles are met. The specially designed compound formulas ensure that the tyre section provides excellent durability, while the groove patterns offer optimal stability and handling. Tyrex tyres are designed in a way that provides equal pressure on the entire surface, a key aspect that becomes even more important when dealing with large vehicles. You can find this excellent brand on eiretyres.com, at a very attractive price.

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