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Toyo All season Tyres

Toyo all season tyres – Japanese tradition

You might think that this company is related to Toyota. Still, other than the fact that they are both Japanese companies, there’s no relation between the two. Toyo Tire & Rubber Company is a longstanding tyre manufacturer coming from magnificent Japan. Founded in 1945, this enterprise managed to swim across the ocean and expand in the United States in 1966 under the name Toyo Tire Corporation. Besides the Toyo all season tyres, this manufacturer also deals with the making of industrial rubber, artificial resin products, and many other rubber-related items. We are here solely to talk about all season tyres, although you can find summer tyres and winter tyres as well.

Toyo all season tyres – clever design and no hassle

A first thing you should know about the Toyo all season tyres is that they are pretty affordable. Toyo tyres prices are low and affordable for anyone, regardless of the model. Next on our Toyo tyres review should be their design. The company dealt beautifully with making tyres that work great on both dry and wet roads. You can find sporting tread patterns that are reinforced with silica material, a compound that allows for a great grip regardless of the type of weather you encounter. Also, as it is the case with the Toyo Vario V2+, the design features multi-wave sipes that will greatly boost your handling performance even if you come across adverse conditions. The Vario V2+ also comes with saw-tooth outer edges incorporated into its design, making this kind of tyre able to really bite into the snow.

Toyo all season tyres – year-round versatility

Let us present to you the icing on the cake among the Toyo all season tyres, the Toyo Celsius. This great piece of engineering consists of a set of tyres that will prove to be reliable and safe to use no matter what type of weather you encounter. That’s because its design features variable sipe density, translating into an excellent degree of traction even on icy roads. The outside tread presents a lower percentage of sipes, making it ideal to deal with wet or dry roads. The slush grooves that are incorporated into the Celsius allow for the snow and slush to be evacuated so that not even an ounce of traction could be lost. So, if you are determined to buy these tyres, you can visit eiretyres.com and search for the right ones for your car.

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