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Frequently Asked Questions

The clutch

In order for a vehicle to operate without any problems, a separate connection between the engine and the gearbox has to be acheived. This will allow a smoother transition from one gear to another. The clutch is thing that assures this transition. The clutch is the car's component that engages or disengages a transmission of power or a motion. This mechanical device is used by two-shaft mechanisms; usually, one is being driven by a motor while the other one is responsible for the running of the second part of the mechanism. Disabling the torque transmission will make the two shafts to work independently.
The clutch can be activated while it is rotating or while it stays still. Car clutches can be coupled and uncoupled in a controlled way or in an automatic way. They have a wide range of applications and are useful when changing the gear. The clutch's operating system: one or more clutch discs are pressed between the engine's flywheel and the strong spring pressure plate. Depending on the clutch's type, the friction material may have different compositions.