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Super King Tyres

Super King tyres – the rulers of India

The Super King tyres are a brand owned and produced by Super King Manufacturers. With its main base set in India, the company started by producing significant numbers of agricultural tyres, exporting them to a wide client base. They praise their products for being resistant to punctures and wear, but also for having a very good grip on the roads (regardless if it’s even or not). Now, they have expanded their line of products and manufacture tyres for vehicles ranging from two-wheelers and passenger cars to SUVs, trucks, jeeps, industrial-sized and agricultural tractors.

Super King tyres – long lasting partners

When you change your tyres, your only wish is that you will not have to do that again anytime soon. This is why you need to ensure that your tyres are capable of keeping the pressure in – because 30% less the normal pressure means easy wearing. The air will eventually get through the rubber since it’s not 100% fool-proof; the difference is the quantity of the air lost. Go through the collection of Super King tyres on eiretyres.com – the largest European tyre retailer online – and compare the prices proportionally with the size needed for your vehicle.

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