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Sonar Winter Tyres

Sonar winter tyres – joining the race

When Sonar first started manufacturing tyres, everything felt more or less like a race. They wanted to ‘race’ their way to the top and search for perfection with the precision of a sonar. The face of the brand is that of an eagle in a blue sky, representing a continuous striving for improvement. Having that in mind, they produced countless numbers of tyres of various types to this day. Whether you want an all season tyre, a summer tyre, or some Sonar winter tyres, they have a vast collection for customers to choose from.

Sonar winter tyres – the winter hare

Don’t you just hate it when winter hits and you have to significantly tone down the speed? Well, with the right set of tyres, you won’t have to do it that much. A proper set of winter tyres should have its tread pattern well designed to grip the road so that you do not lose your ‘footing.’ At the same time, it should also be made of a material that is flexible enough to move even in below-freezing temperatures. Sonar creates these kinds of Sonar winter tyres, and with a little bit of research, they can be found on eiretyres.com. Check the sizes and prices and make your pick.

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