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Shikari Tyres

Shikary tyes – providing years of experience

Owned by Glutong Manufacture Co., the Shikari brand is a key production in China. Although the company was established in 2002, the company has more than 30 years of experience from its predecessor, or “base” company called Xuzhou Yun Da Co. The company produces its brand of Shikari tyres, but also provides order-based tyres for affiliated companies. Their main focus is the production of tyres for industrial vehicles or agricultural trucks or tractors.

Shikari tyres – lifting the heavy weight

There’s a big difference between tyres for personal vehicles and tyres for massive industrial ones. Since there’s more weight to be considered, a tyre for such a vehicle also needs to be stronger, thicker, and sturdier. It also needs to have a good traction, since most of these vehicles were made to go either on the non-asphalted ground or snow-covered streets. In this aspect, the Shikari tyres were made to provide you with a good grip on the ground, as well as to maintain a proper pressure to prevent wear. You can find these types of tyres on eiretyres.com; just look through the database and start comparing the sizes and prices to see which ones suit your preferences.

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