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Semperit Summer Tyres

Semperit summer tyres – optimal performance on challenging roads

Semperit is a reputable brand belonging to the popular tyre manufacturer – Continental. Price-conscious drivers will find that Semperit summer tyres are technologically advanced products with a very low price point. The tyre manufacturer offers state-of-the-art tyre makes for compact cars as well as sporty rides or commercial vehicles. Semperit has stood up for innovation and outstanding performance for over 111 years. And this could only mean one thing: drivers can truly depend on this brand. Its name is derived from the Latin semper it, which translates into it always works. And this principle has remained unchanged after 111 years of performance. A milestone for the company was its incorporation into the Continental Group, which increased its recognition and reputability in the competitive market. From that point onward, Semperit was able to benefit from the experience and technological expertise of Continental.

Semperit summer tyres - tyres with excellent grip

Semperit tyres feature a range known as “Speed-Life”, which has been designed especially for mid-range and luxury cars. These summer tyres’ special performance characteristics include outstanding grip on dry as well as wet grounds. Semperit summer tyres show their strong grip especially when cornering. Thanks to the wide grooves, these summer tyres also ensure very good water dispersion and stable steering when facing aquaplaning risks. The “Comfort-Life” range is a good choice when looking for tyres for compact and mid-range cars. With a low running noise, the special tread compound provides an extended life cycle and reduced fuel consumption.

Semperit summer tyres – don’t let anything hold you back

Before purchasing Semperit summer tyres, many drivers might look for a Semperit tyres review, in order to assess their qualities. For example, the Semperit Comfort Life 2 is worth considering if you’re looking for a set of balanced tyres that perform equally well in wet and dry conditions. Another positive element is the low fuel consumption. As for the comfort and wet grip, it is just as outstanding. The Semperit Speed Life 2 is another popular option for many drivers; that is to say, if you look for a reputable Semperit Speed Life 2 review, you’re likely to find it is actually a great product. The Speed-Life 2 allows you to relish peerless handling in dry conditions while enhancing the rolling resistance. If you go to eiretyres.com, you’ll find the right tyre for your car, as our search engine is user-friendly, and our rates are accessible.

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