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Sailun Winter Tyres

Sailun winter tyres – a history of development

Sailun had its roots in China, at a time when the leading entrepreneurs saw the potential for the development of the rubber industry. They knew that tyres would become an essential part of a person’s life once the infrastructure developments make their way, which is why they decided to provide as soon as possible. Therefore, they began manufacturing Sailun winter tyres for both personal vehicles, but also for industrial purposes such as trucks and other large vehicles.

Sailun winter tyres – continuously improving the process

Technically, the tyre heating and manufacturing process is not all that different from summer tyres to winter ones. In order to make a summer tyre, Sailun changes the pattern treat into a much deeper and complex one that allows good grip even on snowy, iced or wet roads. At the same time, the composition of the rubber also needs to be worked on and changed so that it can withstand lower temperatures. Therefore, Sailun winter tyres will be more flexible and easier to drive with even if outside there are below 0 degrees Celsius. Look on eiretyres.com for such tyres and choose the right size that you need for your own vehicle at a good price.

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