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Rotalla Winter Tyres

Rotalla winter tyres – low fuel consumption

Now here’s a pickle: who makes these tyres? Rotalla might just be one of the most elusive brand names ever and the lack of online info about it doesn’t do its “coming out” much good. Luckily, we’ve got the answer. Rotalla is one of the brands of tyres manufactured by Enjoy Tyre, a Chinese company formed in 2004. It might not be that well-known due to the fact that its manufacturer is extremely young in comparison with the giants of the tyre-manufacturing industry. These tyres can be bought in 40 countries worldwide. The Rotalla winter tyres proved to be reliable products that can be purchased at a fraction of the price you’d spend on other brands.

Rotalla winter tyres – wave goodbye to rolling noise

Winter tyres aren’t known for being silent – quite on the contrary. However, the ones offered by Rotalla are made with special compounds that make the tyres generate less noise when the car is rolling. The fuel consumption of the car is also improved by the Rotalla tyres. The traction, as you might expect, is perfect and there’s no way that you won’t be able to ascend a hill, for example, or get out of a snow bank. In terms of durability, with proper storage, the Rotalla tyres can last for up to 4 years, which we daresay that it’s a good deal. The Rotalla winter tyres will take you by surprise since they’re extremely affordable and high-quality, as well as durable.

Rotalla winter tyres – snow-eaters

People are reluctant to purchase something that didn’t make a name for itself. This could serve as an explanation as to why the Rotalla brand isn’t more well-known since it provides a decent number of perks for a good price. Well, as we mentioned, the company that manufactures the brand is a newborn, for a sense of scale. The fact that its tyres are exported to many countries all over the world points out that it’s doing everything as it should. If you don’t want to blow a hole in your finances, the Rotalla winter tyres are a good option. You can buy them in the proper sizes for your vehicle from our catalogue. All you have to do is go to eiretyres.com and use the tyre selector there.

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