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Roadstone Winter Tyres

Roadstone winter tyres – eco-friendly all around the world

When Roadstone first began manufacturing tyres, they only had a small headquarters in Korea. Now they have expanded all the way to China, the United States and Germany as well, using well-known researchers to generate new technologies and ideas for every customer wishing to use their products. Now, they have concentrated on making Roadstone winter tyres that are eco-friendly and that can keep up with every demand a road can make.

Roadstone winter tyres – The friend that doesn’t slip and slide

Winter tyres are special in their own sense. For example, if you try to compare them with a set of summer tyres, you will see that the pattern that meets the ground is a completely different style. That’s because Roadstone adds sipes to their tyres in order to provide a good grip and traction. The composition is also winter-friendly since it uses special compounds such as silica to make it more flexible at freezing temperatures (summer tyres become very hard when they meet low temperatures). Look through the Roadstone winter tyres provided by the online retailer eiretyres.com and learn how it feels like to have long-lasting wheels that keep you going.

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