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Pneumant Winter Tyres

Pneumant winter tyres – the pristine German quality

Pneumant Reifen Fürstenwalde GmbH is a German tyre manufacturer that is now a subsidiary of Goodyear. The company was founded in 1922 as “DEKA Pneumatik GmbH”. In 1968, it was renamed as VEB and it wasn’t until 1990 when it became Pneumant Reifen Fürstenwalde GmbH. The manufacturer produces both summer and winter tyres. In the past, it produced a wide range of all sorts of products but is now focused only on tyres. Pneumant winter tyres are somewhat obscure, probably because the brand changed its name so many times throughout the years. This, however, doesn’t make them less qualitative.

Pneumant winter tyres – great quality for the price

The grooves and patterns found on winter tyres aren’t there for aesthetic purposes – at least not only for aesthetic purposes. They play a crucial role in the manoeuvrability of the car, as well as in the durability of the tyres themselves. These grooves, on one hand, bite into the snow, which improves traction. On the other hand, they throw sludge and water about, so it doesn’t turn into ice and cause cracks in the tyres. As you can see, you’ve got a lot to thank those patterns and grooves for. After all, they make winter tyres what they are. If you can’t seem to find some budget tyres for your car and you’re not willing to spend some insane amounts of money for them, Pneumant winter tyres might just be your best bet.

Pneumant winter tyres – economic tyres for all vehicles

It goes without saying that pretty much all drivers look around for great deals they can get. If only we could all be millionaires – that would solve a lot of issues, right? The thing with the price is that a low one can obviously bring you some low quality but believe it or not, so can a high one. There is nothing that proves that expensive things are 10x better than their more affordable counterparts. The ultimate decision is, of course, yours. You can choose the products that you think will serve your car and yourself the best. We recommend the Pneumant winter tyres as good products that can easily compete with brand name products. You can visit eiretyres.com and find the fitting Pneumant tyres.

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