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Pneumant Summer Tyres

Pneumant summer tyres – years of quality

Originally, Pneumant Fürstenwalde GmbH was a German tyre company, which was established in 1968. That was the year the company was founded in the GDR. Notwithstanding, in 2015, Goodyear bought Pneumant, continuing to produce a selection of innovative performance wheels, which are, at the same time, budget-friendly. The brand’s far-reaching experience in engineering first-class qualities contributed to its popularity. Essentially, by becoming a part of the Dunlop Group, the company managed to collaborate with expert tyre engineers while having access to state-of-the-art technology. Essentially, Pneumant offers high-quality tyres for light trucks and automobiles for the summer and winter months, promising to optimise their performance. Pneumant summer tyres are widely sought because they are affordable, while offering a good balance of features.

Pneumant summer tyres – safety in rainy driving conditions

Many people are prone to overlook the importance of picking the right tyres for the summer season. Nonetheless, in order to enjoy ultimate safety in rainy driving conditions, one should carefully shop for summer tyres. In this respect, Pneumant supplies a wide range of dependable models, including the Pneumant Summer HP4, and the Pneumant Summer UHP, or the Pneumant Summer HP5. These Pneumant summer tyres offer outstanding performance. For instance, in lines with a Pneumant summer HP 5 test, this item is the right equipment if you want to push your car’s limits on the road. That is to say, you’ll be adequately equipped for challenging, rainy conditions. The specifically designed grooves offer optimal and timely dispersion of the water. Excellent cornering behaviour and ultimate steering precision are guarantees when you pick Pneumant tyres for the summer season.

Pneumant summer tyres – enjoy driving as you should

Drivers should note that there is an extensive range of Pneumant summer tyres to choose from, as noted beforehand. Read tyre reviews to learn more about which wheels best fit your bill. Of course, excellent wet and dry performance is assured and you can also count on the cornering stability that these wheels offer. Choose slightly elliptical wheels for lower noise levels and shortened braking distances along with lots of driving comfort. These fuel-efficient wheels are also a budget-friendly choice due to the long service life, for which this German brand that survived the GDR regime has become famous. Go to eiretyres.com, our extensive online shop that features a wide catalogue of products meant to address every driver’s needs.

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