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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you give me a guarantee that your prices will not go up?
  2. Is payment by credit card secure?
  3. Is VAT and shipping included in the price?
  4. What does IBAN mean?
  5. What methods of payment do you accept?
  1. Can you give me a guarantee that your prices will not go up?

    Prices in the international tyre market are based on supply and demand, and daily changing currency rates e.g. between the dollar and the euro, can also have a direct influence on tyre prices. Delticom continually endeavours to try to get the best price for you! Although prices may fluctuate, what we can guarantee is that the price you see on our website is the price you get!
  2. Is payment by credit card secure?

    Of course it is, as long as you do not allow unauthorised persons access to your credit card details! Online retailers are now using encryption technology to ensure that it is not possible for anyone to get hold of the card details during the data transfer between the customer and the retailer. The encryption technology that we use, SSL - Secure Socket Layer – is currently deemed to be the best of its kind.
  3. Is VAT and shipping included in the price?

    Irish VAT and the cost of delivery within the Republic of Ireland are included in the tyre prices shown. You can see our current terms and conditions here.
  4. What does IBAN mean?

    IBAN stands for "International Bank Account Number" and is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across borders. The advantage of IBAN is that its unique coding facilitates routing and helps stop errors (and thus delays) in payments occurring. There are differences between the IBAN paper and electronic formats. In the former, the letters, IBAN come at the start and then the rest is split into groups of four characters whereas when stored or transferred electronically, the IBAN number starts with the country code and must contain no spaces.
    Paper format: IBAN DE89 3705 0299 1234 5678 90
    Electronic format: DE89370502991234567890.
    As the IBAN system is new and it the new standard has not been fully adopted by banks worldwide, we advise that you should continue ato provide the SWIFT/BIC code of the recipient bank for the time being.
  5. What methods of payment do you accept?

    You can pay by credit card, PayPal or by bank transfer.

    - Payment in advance by bank transfer: with thispayment method you pay for the goods before you receive them. You therefore do not have the chance to inspect the goods for any faults or damage first.

    - Payment via PayPal: pay easy and save via PayPal at paypal_eur@delti.com.

    - Payment by credit card: simply enter your credit card type, number and expiry date. Your goods will be shipped immediately after your card details have been checked.

    - Payment by invoice: you can also request to be invoiced for the goods (up too 300 GBP in value). We would like to point out that your credit history and previous payment behaviour will proofed by Experian when requesting to be invoiced for the order. Please transfer the full amount shown on the invoice within 7 days from the date of invoice to the following account:

    Delticom Ltd.
    Commerzbank London Branch
    Commerzbank House
    PO Box 286
    23 Austin Friars
    London EC2P 2 JD

    Account number: 20737320
    Sort code: 406201
    SWIFT code: COBAGB2X