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Pace Winter Tyres

Pace winter tyres – 22 years of tyre experience

Pace is a company managed by Mike Zhang ever since 2002. However, he had the necessary experience even before he got into tyre manufacturing. They started small, but now the company is becoming more known internationally as well, opening offices in the UK, Shanghai, USA and Argentina. They provide summer and winter tyres, as well as all-season tyres with intricate (but useful) tread patterns. If you’re a person who drives a lot during the winter, you might want to check out the Pace winter tyres collection and look for a good fit.

Pace winter tyres – the difference between summer and winter

There are two immediate distinctions between a summer tyre and a winter tyre made by Pace. The one that you see right away is the pattern that comes into contact with the ground. The other difference is the composition of the rubber. The pattern on the Pace winter tyres has sipes, which provide more grip while you are accelerating or breaking. The rubber composition will also be using more flexible materials at lower temperatures, again providing you with a better grip. Look for Pace winter tyres on eiretyres.com and secure a good deal from a professional tyre retailer.

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